We are celebrating our birthday, today we are 20 years old!

On a day like today 20 years ago, we started an exciting project in an incipient sector of Geographic Information Systems (later called Geomatic, Geolocation, …)

During this time, the initial challenge of providing added value in the Geographic Information Systems sector became a demanding career, as well as exciting, in pursuit of innovation and continuous improvement.

The diffusion and the wide demand for systems that make use of geographic information have allowed us to provide solutions in practically all sectors of the economy: energy efficiency, management and remote management of urban services and assets, urban planning and spatial planning, agriculture, environment, transport and distribution networks -water supply and sanitation, gas supply, electricity and telecommunications-, transportation of goods and people , marine information and oceanography, culture and tourism, geomarketing, emergencies, marine software, cadastral management and management of business spaces.

Throughout these years we have worked on national and international projects providing solutions to public administrations such as the European Commission, the Spanish Government, Autonomous Governments, City Councils, Associations, and to main companies such as Iberdrola, Gas Natural, FCC, Sener, Applus, Ikusi, LKS, TRACASA, IDOM, Fulcrum, INKOLAN, SIGAUS and the Ebro Puleva Group. We cannot forget about our valuable and inspiring collaborations with Universities and Technology Centers across the state.

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