In Estudios GIS we are committed to the Open Government. For this reason, we have been offering geographic solutions to different public organizations for more than 20 years to facilitate a comprehensive and intuitive digital transformation based on GIS technologies and Location Intelligence.  

We have extensive experience with organizations of all levels – local, regional, national and international -, whom we have helped to digitize large amounts of data to facilitate administrative processes and thus fulfill their mission of transparency and citizen participation.

Thanks to our technology, the optimization of information allows them to save time, increase the level of productivity and, consequently, improve the performance of public services.

Throughout our trajectory we have worked with the Vitoria-Gasteiz City Council, the Basque Government, the Junta of Andalusia and the European Commission, among others, in areas such as Urban Planning, Real Estate Heritage, Cadastral Management and Industrial Estates, where GIS technology is essential.

Emergency and Security

Geodata are a key factor in decision-making within critical and sensitive process  focused on managing Emergency and Security

We have a multidisciplinary team, that using brand new technologies, offers reliable and robust solutions oriented to public agencies, national and European authorities, responsible of providing these services to society

Urban planning

We offer administrations solutions for an agile and intuitive management of Urban Planning and Spatial Planning, as well as its maintenance and operation, both at the municipal and supra-municipal level.

Our solutions allow:

  • Normalize data and create a model
  • Standardize flows and procedures
  • Obtain a standardized continuous map
  • Strengthen the ability to consult and exploit data online
  • Publish the data on the Internet through standard web applications and /or services (ISO, OGC and INSPIRE).

We have put our GIS technology at the service of projects such as the Urban Planning of the Basque Country, the Urban Planning of Bizkaia and the map of the Basque Country Indicators.

Corporate GIS

We have extensive national and international experience in consulting, design and implementation of Corporate GIS and Spatial Data Infrastructures.

These Corporate GIS are highly beneficial and effective by their nature:

  1. Interoperable, with a vocation of permanence in time and high usability
  2. Scalable, with the possibility of expanding its functionalities and data
  3. Compatible in terms of architecture, operating systems, programming languages and formats
  4. Integrable in corporate or departmental databases
  5. Object-oriented, to store attributes, behavior, topological rules …
  6. Continuous, allowing to consult the information of the entire territory without interruptions

In  Estudios GIS we have been actively working for years on national and international projects of this type in accordance with the guidelines of INSPIRE, the Spatial Data Infrastructure of the European Union, as well as their transposition into Spanish legislation (LISIGE).

At the regional level, we have participated in the creation of the Corporate GIS of the Basque Government.


In recent years, the demand for web applications based on geolocation has multiplied exponentially, both by private companies and public administrations.

To meet this demand, our Geographic Information Systems facilitate the publication and online consultation of street maps and generic and thematic cartography.

Property Assets and Cadastral Management

We are specialists in developing and implementing solutions for the management of real estate assets, which allow the geolocation of the different assets thanks to the integration of the client’s graphical and alphanumeric databases.

We also provide services related to the management of multipurpose cadastral information, which include field work, cartography editing, updates, maintenance and cadastral reviews.

The services we offer are:

  1. Cadastral update
  2. Preparation of cartography
  3. Renewals
  4. Alphanumeric and graphical database crossovers
  5. Detection of additions, cancellations, omissions and reforms
  6. Change detection
  7. Document management
  8. Processing of files
  9. Resource management
  10. Troubleshooting

Industrial States

We help public administrations to manage industrial estates and business spaces that are within their competence through our GIS solutions, which allow us:

  1. Solve localization problems
  2. Have a global vision of the distribution of the economic activities of the municipality
  3. Spread strategic advantages of a certain industrial area
  4. Energize the market by offering preferential locations
  5. Manage orderly growth from a business and Spatial Planning point of view
  6. Facilitate the arrival to the companies of clients, suppliers, …
  7. Offer updated online information
  8. Facilitate the performance of economic analyzes linked to the territory
  9. Incentivize economic promotion
  10. Improve the global management of these industrial estates in terms of transport, security, signage, environment…

In this sense, we have participated in the creation of the GISLUR platform of economic activity spaces, promoted by the Chamber of Commerce of Bizkaia

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