In Estudios GIS we are experts in covering the integral water cycle and in implementing information systems for municipalities, associations, water consortiums and other public bodies.

We take care of:

  • Manage infrastructures (supply and sanitation network) and guarantee their digital maintenance
  • Manage warnings and incidents
  • Optimize resources for field tasks
  • Design reports to plan the renewal of network elements
  • Develop flood models
  • Facilitate connection to ERP / SCADA systems
  • Publish the network inventory on the Internet / Intranet

Electricity sector

Regarding the electricity service, the data regarding the location of your energy assets is essential.

Therefore, the geolocation that we provide is key to:

  • Analyze and manage the data properly
  • Identify trends
  • Anticipate possible problems or damage to your infrastructure
  • Protect workers and increase the safety of the whole cycle

We use advanced visualization and real-time spatial analysis of multiple factors that allow us to get the most out of your assets to facilitate decision-making.

In addition, we unify the various systems, so that both field and office workers have the same data in real time, which translates into greater coordination and operational efficiency.

We know the sector well and we are aware of the complex and changing needs of our clients. Therefore, our solutions are oriented to innovation, new technologies and user experience, so that you have the relevant geographic information in a clear and intuitive way, at the service of optimizing resources.

Gas Sector

Up-to-date interactive maps and spatial analysis we use ensure natural gas infrastructure is safe and meets all standards.

This data allows us to analyze the assets to be able to design an intelligent strategy, as well as detect possible vulnerabilities to avoid leaks, for example.

The information in real time also allows to operate more efficiently in cases of emergency, ensuring coordination and speed of response.

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