In GIS Studies we have the most advanced technology for capturing geographic information and optimizing production processes.

Depending on your specific needs, we choose the best data capture method to generate digital cartography and make it available to you.

This method is based on:

  • Mobile Mapping Estudios Gis use Mobile Mapping LiDAR equipment to capture reality massively and produce both precision cartography and all type of GIS inventories.
  • Mapping GIS We have the latest technology in GIS GNSS mobile devices for the capture and maintenance of GIS data, which allows us to be more efficient and reduce costs.
  • Drones The use of drones, both fixed wing and multirotor, allow us to tackle all kinds of studies and analysis within a vide variety of applications (precision agriculture, emergencies, mining …)
  • Láser Escáner Obtaining 3D models and BIM (Building Information Modeling) for projects in civil works, buildings, renovations …
  • GIS cartography We apply the Iatest technologies and most innovative solutions to cover the entire life cycle of graphic data, which allows us to create and maintain all kinds of cartography designed for its management and explanation from GIS systems.
  • GIS Inventories Capture and preparation of inventories of all types of assets (signage for road and rail networks, public lighting, urban furniture…) for its integration into GIS applications.
  • Optical and radar remote sensing Estudios Gis has a team specialized in the capture, treatment and analysis of both multispectral and radar images for their application in territorial studies of various kinds (crop monitoring, forest resource estimation, archaeological studies …)
  • BIM We support BIM (Building Information Modeling) projects, obtaining 3D digital models with the necessary information to address each of the phases of a project of these characteristics.

Intelligent solutions

Our applications allow you to debug errors, increase productivity and achieve maximum performance, both in the production process and in the management of the geoinformation obtained.

In addition, we have a drone pilot on our staff, and we also own a Photogrammetric Mobile Mapping device.

Estudios Gis participates in the Copernicus program, the European Union’s program for observing and monitoring the planet Earth and its environment thanks to a wide variety of tools, ranging from satellites in space to measurement systems on land, sea and air.

Our innovative technology and consolidated international experience allow us to offer you personalized attention and provide you with intelligent solutions tailored to measure to achieve the best results in each situation.

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