In Estudios GIS we are experts in contributing the geographical component to cultural, tourist and leisure applications.

We develop consultation applications and all kinds of maps:

  1. Cultural routes
  2. Sport events
  3. Sightseeing tours
  4. Bike-lanes
  5. Location of cultural elements

Basque cultural heritage

In addition, we have been managing the Basque Government’s Cultural Heritage Geographic Information System for years. This system allows you to view, consult, manage, update, exploit, print and disseminate the geographic and alphanumeric information of more than 40,000 elements of the Basque Cultural Heritage, based on the reference cartography provided by GeoEuskadi.

Our system integrates:

  1. Catalogs of inventoried and protected real estate cultural assets, both architectural and archaeological
  2. Information about the Way of St. James
  3. Information about megalithic stations
  4. Studies and interventions of an archaeological and architectural nature

Cultural heritage of Bogotá

We also have international experience in the cultural sector, since we have implemented a platform to manage the Cultural Heritage of the city of Bogotá (Colombia).

Thanks to GIS technology, this platform allows:

  1. Inventory, consult and visualize in cartographic systems all assets of cultural interest in the capital district
  2. Carry out a more efficient control of all the works, projects and programs of the old town
  3. Have tools to monitor the impacts of the Revitalization Plan of the old town
  4. Optimize management processes
  5. Offer new services
  6. Improve the disclosure and enhancement of heritage

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