In Estudios Gis we are experts in the integration of geographic and alphanumeric systems and we have the most advanced technology to make this information available to you quickly and efficiently, integrating it into a single system.

We collect and cross-check geographic data and algorithms to provide you with a specific solution that meets your expectations and improves your results.

Data recorded on the ground allow us to advise you on:

  1. Detect needs
  2. Apply solutions
  3. Map out changes
  4. Track trends
  5. Anticipate and prevent problems

Custom applications

As systems developers, we define and build simple applications that are very easy to use by our clients, whether they are private companies or public administrations, thanks to our geolocated information.

We design customized, interoperable and scalable applications according to your needs, implemented on commercial or Open Source software.

We deploy our customized geographic applications in corporate architectures, following quality and interoperability standards, in order to serve as a flexible and intuitive geographic solution to help you make the best decisions.

They have trusted us:

  • Alcadía Mayor de Bogotá
  • AZTI
  • Diputación de Gipuzkoa
  • Energy Supreme Council of Dubai
  • SARGA (Gobierno de Aragón)

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