Road Information System of Andalusia

The Andalusian Road Information System [SICA] is an instrument to support the decision-making, the exploitation of the public road domain and the information to users of the road network of the Junta of Andalusia.

In the maintenance, updating and monitoring of the Andalusian Road Information System we are inventorying the physical and geometric characteristics of 11,000 kilometers of roads and assets such as vertical signage (88,000 signs), kilometer milestones, longitudinal road markings, containment, beacons, walls, median crossings, lighting, traffic lights, clearance control, SOS posts, braking beds and tunnels.

This inventory is being carried out using Mobile Mapping techniques, obtaining 360º panoramic images and a LIDAR point cloud of the roads and their surroundings. The strategic approach of the current SICA is multipurpose. For this reason, technological consulting work is being carried out and custom applications are being implemented to manage and consult the physical and geometric characteristics of the roads, as well as the life cycle of the maintenance of the assets of the roads managed by the Junta of Andalusia.


Junta de Andalucía