Gestdropper – Management and remote management platform of urban assets and services

Gestdropper is a platform that, based on a georeferenced inventory of urban assets such as urban furniture, parks and gardens, traffic signs, public lighting, automatic irrigation, etc., allows management and maintenance (CMMS) through orders and parts of work of those urban assets, facilitating the visualization and comprehensive management of assets located on public roads.

This platform has a scorecard, which through KPIs or indicators, makes it possible to measure the benefits of using the platform and therefore respond to the challenge of optimizing the management and maintenance of urban assets and services.

These benefits are grouped into three types of indicators: QoS – Service Quality (level of service compliance, safety / accident reduction), Productivity (amounts of MSW collected daily / monthly / annually, optimization of routes, No. of new work orders / year, No. of new work parts / year, No. OT of each type vs. Total) and Sustainability (savings in CO2 emissions, carbon footprint and reduction in petrol consumption). The implementation of Gestdropper means economic savings in the management and maintenance of urban assets, a planned management of services, an improvement in communication channels with citizens and a comprehensive management of public roads.