Geographical viewer of Asturias Water Consortium

The geographical viewer of Asturias Water Consortium, developed by us in collaboration with TRACASA, allows having a georeferenced inventory of networks and facilities on a specific data model for water supply and sanitation.

To facilitate the visualization and geographic location, diverse cartography (bit or vector maps) is used at different scales, as well as ortophotomaps.

The system allows access to WMS (Web Map Service) offered by a third party. The source data is collected in the field under the Consortium’s instructions by the operators, who have to go through the contracted networks to locate both pipes and facilities (pumping manholes, spillways…). Next, the information obtained is organized and adapted to the preset data model, being delivered subsequently to the system administrator, who proceeds to upload and validate it in the GIS platform finally.


Consorcio de Aguas de Asturias