Remote management


plataforma SmartCity GestDropper de gestión y telegestión de activos y servicios urbanos, aimed at the different municipal departments, or any public or private assets management body, has remote management modules of public lighting and automatic irrigation and incorporates hardware and sensors that allow the monitoring and remote management of such assets.

GestDropper is fed back by sensor systems that allow a better management and a greater saving of energy resources.



GestDropper remote management modules have the following features:

  • Visualization and management of assets in an intuitive and visual way.
  • Programming and preconfiguration of start-up of the infrastructures it manages.
  • Traceability of tasks and maintenance scheduling associated with its diverse elements.
  • Generation of reports of inventories and data generated by the assets or sensors .
  • Management of incidents, warnings and alerts by detection of failures.
  • Mobile applications that facilitate the testing of infrastructure behavior and status.