About us


Estudios GIS is a company founded in 1997, as an independent consulting firm, specialized in Information Technology with a geographic component.

As a leading company in Geographic Information Systems, we bring our knowledge by contributing to the growing use of latest technologies in the decision-making processes and in the solving of complex problems of management.

Our many years of experience, commitment to quality and our team, formed by skilled professionals (Geographers, Engineers, Computer engineers and Architects), allows us to offer a comprehensive service with guarantees of success. This comprehensive service covers the whole cycle of geographic data, from the capture and processing of graphic and alphanumeric data, to the implantation of a customized Geographic Information System (consulting, systems integration, software and data marketing, developement, installation, training and maintenance) and the subsequent publication of information in Internet server or in digital support..

We provide value-added solutions to the following sectors:

  • Urban Planning and Land Management
  • Transmission and Distribution networks:
    • Supply and drainage of water
    • Gas supply, electricity and telecommunications
    • Transportation of freights and passengers
  • Environment
  • Management and remote management of assets and urban services
  • Energy efficiency
  • Oceanographic and marine information
  • Agriculture
  • Culture and Tourism
  • Geomarketing
  • Emergencies
  • Cadastral management
  • Inventory management
  • Business area management:
    • Industrial parks
    • Commercial areas

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