Mobile Mapping system

Massive data capture systems have meant a disruption in the traditional data capture, allowing the optimization of costs and the capture of a huge and precise amount of information demanded by sectors of the economy such as energy efficiency, infrastructure management, generation of maps, Smarticities, etc.

Estudios GIS has been working with aerial mobile mapping systems since 2010, using drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) that board sensors that allow the generation of cartography, ortophotos, Point Clouds, thermal maps,  vegetation indexes, etc.

We also provide terrestrial mobile mapping solutions; our Mobile Mapping system is usable in any type of vehicle (terrestrial, aerial or maritime) and is composed by sensors for capturing information (camera, LIDAR, ...), navigation devices (GPS and IMU), etc.



This system facilitates the capture of field data of various infrastructures with different purposes (e.g.: lighting network,  elements of road infraestructures,...).

After the compilation of the graphic information in field, it is processed by a specific software in cabinet that allows its treatment, generation and dissemination.