System integration – Corporate Systems


Increasingly, Information Systems are seen as another component of the Organization Systems.

In Estudios GIS, we have specialized in the value-added integration geographical and alphanumeric systems, and ultimately into systems that enable the organization to have all the information in a fast and efficient way, facilitating the work of management and decision making.

Information Systems have evolved from single-user environments to working groups, in which information is shared among a small number of users. This evolution becomes possible because of the emergence of local networks, network operating systems and workgroup environments.

Corporate Systems allow hosting in a single system vectorial, raster and alphanumeric information, as well as behavior of objects, topological rules, GIS functionalities, etc.  In this system coexist many users and servers, allowing all system users the access to information and functionalities. Each organization department will manage its information layers, being responsible for maintaining their data and metadata.