Corporate GIS and Spatial Data Infrastructure



Since its origins, Geographic Information Systems have evolved from proprietary systems, poorly interconnected with other systems of the organization, to Corporate Systems and Spatial Data Infrastructures.

In Estudios GIS we have an extensive national and international experience in the consultancy, design and implementation ofCorporate GIS and Spatial Data Infrastructures., based on the following premises:

  • Interoperable, standards-based interoperability (INSPIRE, OGC) is the premise on which systems with a vocation of permanence over time and high usability are established.
  • Scalable, or open as regards the possibility of extending its functionalities and data.
  • Compatible, or consolidated in terms of architecture, operating systems, programming languages and formats.
  • Integrable, in Corporate and Departmental databases.
  • Object-oriented, capacity to store objetcs, attributes, behaviors, topological rules…
  • Continuous, allowing the visualization and querying of information throughout the territory without interruptions or discontinuities.



The European Union establishes a common Spatial Data Infrastructure. The legal framework governing this infrastructure is Directive 2007/2/EC, establishing a Spatial Information Infrastructure in the European Community (INSPIRE), which should be based on the infrastructures of geographical information created by the Member States.

Estudios GIS has been actively working on national and international projects where Spatial Data Infrastructures are designed according to INSPIRE guidelines and its annexes.