Industrial park and business area management




The business areas and industrial parks are locations with a very specific problems characterized by:

  • They are usually a "maze" of companies
  • There are problems localizing enterprises
  • Management problems because of the municipal administration, IAE database, LVT, locals, ...
  • Inability to provide an overall management response in terms of transportation, security, signage, Environment,...
  • Difficulty to develop economic analysis related to the territory
  • Difficulty for economic development



Benefits of GIS tools:

  • Having a global view of the distribution of economic activities of the municipality
  • Disseminate the strategic advantages of a given industrial area
  • Dynamize the market by offering preferential locations
  • Manage an orderly growth from the business and spatial planning point of view
  • Facilitate the arrival to business of customers, suppliers, ...
  • Provide updated information on the Internet
  • Facilitate the accomplishment of economic analysis linked to the territory