Commercialization of software and geographic data


Commercialization of commercial software


We are partners, since 1.999, of ESRI and Autodesk and also product developers of Intergraph, the leading software vendors.



This allows us to provide customers with the most technologically advanced GIS software  (desktop and web) for the treatment of georeferenced data and information. Moreover, as integrators of these products, we offer technical support in line with the applications where these products are required.



Open Source Software

As gvSIG business partner our objetive is the sustainability of such a project and the developement of the Open Geomatics.

Because of that we develop projects using open source software and following the guidelines of OpenGeospatial Consortium.




Geographic data Commercialization

We manufacture and commecialize digital cartography oriented to tourism applications, geomarketing, logistics and distribution, network analysis, etc.

This cartography includes digital street maps containing layers such as street axes, Urban Funds and Administrative Divisions, Portals, POI, etc. We also have mapping information at different scales: Worldwide, European, National, etc. Moreover we can provide data and associated information related to: Demographics, Environment, Hydrography, Lithology, Biology, Seismology, Socioeconomics and Geology.